Real Time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a new technology that allows advertisers to evaluate, set bids and buy ad inventories by setting an individual price for every visitor.

How it Works?

RTB was created to manage workflow for new ad features based on extended data.


Advertising markets were established to provide advertisers easy access to more advertising space than ever before.


Data dissemination gave advertisers a huge amount of audience information with more depth and breadth than before.


RTB emerged at the intersection of the vast ad market and preponderance of consumer data—to process and manage selling the advertising space in relation to audience data pairing for maximum efficiency, pricing, and effectiveness.

100 milliseconds—from the start of a page download to the ad display

RTB leads to better performance for advertisers, more earnings for partners, and greater relevance and profitability of ads for consumers.

  1. User visits a Webpage
  2. Ad display request is made
  3. Decision made on a possible ad and the bid is set.
  4. Auction bidding occurs.
  5. The winning ad is displayed.

How It Came to Be

As a single source for ad inventory aggregating and audience data, Adviator DSP helps advertisers evaluate, set bids, and optimize ad display levels in real time. It solves three major problems traditional ad networks had.

Lack of Transparency

Arbitration practices like ad buying for resale on traditional ad networks created a lack of transparency into true cost and the places where the ad would be served.


The formation of hundreds of ad networks and ad exchanges caused ad fragmentation.


As a key component of RTB, DSP was created to provide advertisers options for more transparency and control over a traditional ad network.

Adviator DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

Adviator DSP—the platform for ad purchase in real time

Adviator presents Adviator DSP, our demand-side platform that allows customers to participate in bidding using an automatic system and dynamic rates, applying an optimized approach to media purchases at any ad exchanges at any time.

How it Works?

User interface

Allows customers to set and optimize bids promptly, manage various campaigns easily and get instant reports on all ad sources.


Ensures integration with DMP (Data Management Platform) and Data Exchange to support ad exchanges with any technology platform in the RTB ecosystem.

Real-time bidder

Real-time bidder consolidates information from a large number of ad sources and allows customers to estimate and set bids for available real-time ad impressions.

Who use Adviator DSP?

Centralized purchase systems and advertisers

These are the premium players who use a DSP-system as their technology ad purchase platform.

Service teams

Some DSP teams act as traders, managing ad campaigns on behalf of advertisers and agencies.

Ad networks

Ad networks use Demand-Side Platforms to expand their ad space.

Campaign Optimization Engine

Conversions, brand awareness, clicks, cpm margin, etc.

Your data driving the results

Your past campaign data can be used to train optimization algorithms. Shape optimization based on your unique situation.

Fully automated campaign optimization

Algorithms that are constantly learning and improving based on historical and real-time performance data.

Proven performance

To the left you can see some of the proven optimization examples—CPC, CPM.

Targeting and Inventory

Adviator DSP delivers vast number of choices when it comes to inventory selection across: Display, Mobile, and Video. Rich targeting and inventory quality is top priority for Adviator DSP and we are proud to delivery multitude of targeting capabilities:

Ad visibility

Multiple integrations enable marketers to organize their targeting based on various visibility-driven indicators and parameters.

Quality attributes

Variety of filters that we put in place to help marketers avoid low quality and dangerous content.

Category semantic and contextual targeting

Target websites based on categories and subcategories.


Enrich your campaign targeting by leveraging your local driven audience data.

And much more

Geo-based targeting, mobile targeting, hyper local, IP targeting, DMA, Hardware and System, proprietary targeting indexes, etc.

Analytics, Reports, and Insights

Robust reporting allows for drill down both delivery and supply by trends, frequency, geo, and system, and then multiple dimensions within each view.

Real Time Reporting

Inspect and monitor your campaigns performance in real time. Drill down from bird eye account view to individual campaign and ads based levels.

Advertiser Portals

Individual, customer scoped, white-label portals are available to our customers.

Delivery Reports

Attain an additional level of granularity - drill down to individual website performance to get an in-depth understanding of what online properties are driving your findings.

Supply Side Intelligence

Leverage our supply side reports and analytics to gain a better understabding of exchanges and cross-channel inventory available.

Report Delivery Automation with Extract

Select, extract and schedule for delivery custom reports with campaign performance data.

Our Demand-Side Platform is flexible to fit the unique needs and demands of your business

Check out our Key features:

  • Control

    Customers get all-encompassing control to use their own knowledge and experience, rather than rely only on media partners and ad networks.

  • Increased performance

    Customers have access to high-performance features that allow them to change bids and forecast profits after every impression.

  • High efficiency

    Operation efficiency means only the most streamlined algorithms are used in the ad purchase process.

  • Data access

    Customers get access to a wide range of data sources for accurate targeting and advertising platforms with better coverage.

SSP platform

Adviator is a unique all-in-one solution for mobile developers to solve all the monetization problems in one easy step. You have a modern SSP platform at your service.

Generate maximum income from your apps. Monetize your traffic on all devices

Full control and transparency.

High earnings.

High fill-in rate.

Native advertising, direct advertisers, RTB technology.

Adviator automatically optimizes impressions taking multiple factors in consideration. The efficiency of ads grows, so do the developer’s profits.

Standard and Rich Media ad formats

Adviator supports all modern ad formats:

MMA & IAB formats, IAB formats for tablets, Video, Expandables, Floating banners, Interactive ad formats, Native ads.

Innovative SDK

Full control over the ads on all platforms:

iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Android (Smartphone & Tablet).

JavaScript Ad Tag for mobile web.

JavaScript Ad Tag for desktop web.

Settings and mediation options.

Easy integration.

Real-time stats and reporting

Real-time control:

Impressions, clicks, earnings and many other parameters are tracked for all ads.

Regular scheduled reports.

Detailed reports for advertisers.